Raleigh, North Carolina :: BREW Coffee + Yellow Dog Bread Co.


Finally, after a couple months working hard from Brooklyn, New York we are back out on the road touring with our new project The Unity Collective USA.

In essence we (The Bergamot) are spending 2016 sharing our message of Peace + Unity with America and the world. My husband Nathaniel and I are thrilled to take our uplifting music, and mission to all 50 states.

For the next year we are dedicated to releasing our new album TONES ( 2.11.16), touring all 50 states, while creating a documentary of this journey. We hit the ground running and even brought on a full time documentarian named Leah Tribbett.

The Unity Collective USA is a peace movement we started this year.

We’re taking our 2002 Volvo V70 with 271K miles on it to all 50 states inviting our fans to join in this peace movement by coming out to our shows and signing “The Unity Car” with their message of Peace + Unity.

At the end of the tour we are going to auction the car off  as an art piece.

At the conclusion of the auction we will donate the proceeds to Memorial Children’s Hospital of South Bend, IN in order to help build a brand new children’s hospital in our hometown of South Bend IN.


On January 2nd, 2016 we launched The Unity Collective USA Tour from NYC. The launch party was a massive success!

Tons of New Yorkers and people from all over the world joined us for an unforgettable event and first car signing ever. “The Unity Collective Car” got inked up in a BIG way with unique and thoughtful messages of Peace + Unity.

Now everyday on tour as we garner more signatures on the car we get to read all of these beautiful messages. And every day a huge smile forms on our faces as we further this movement.

A huge goal of ours is to perform for and have Ellen and Jimmy Fallon to sign the “Unity Car” with there message of unity. Hey a duo can dream, right???


Now, we have just crossed over the Florida state line. Its ten at night we are getting tired. Needless to say, we are grateful that we spent the afternoon in Raleigh attending business meetings and connecting with some of the worlds greatest movers + shakers.


But first, coffee at BREW COFFEE.

As we stepped out of the car I am pretty sure I hopped with a little extra joy in my step because we were about to open the door to BREW COFFEE.

A recap on the coffee:

The pour-over coffee was exceptional. We laughed, as we sipped a Kenyan pour-over which was bright, citrusy, and sweet.

Plus the workers there were so joyful, sweet, and shared great vibes with us and the other customers. We look forward to stopping at BREW COFFEE again soon, defiantly check out this coffee bar next time your in Raleigh.



Next up, was a stop at YELLOW DOG BREAD Co.

OK, I have to admit this just fed our never ending adventure to find the best sourdough bread in the Nation.

We have a few loafs on our list thus far, one exists in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This is our hood and one of our very favorite sourdough loaves comes from Bakeri.


Needless to say, upon opening the door to YELLOW DOG BREAD Co. a wall of sweet and savory freshly baking bread hit me, instantly overtaking all of my senses.

This was a very good sign of what was to come.


Like a small child walking into a candy shop I eagerly ran up to the counter to look at all of the sweet/savory delights.

I was there only to get the sourdough and left with a loaf of sourdough and a peanut butter cookie which was pretty good considering I wanted to buy the whole store.

I really could have bought a dozen chocolate scones to but since we are sitting all day traveling to our next stop I had to restrain.

However… with that said after I broke bread tasted my first bite I am pretty sure I said in my head I will be back. It was soooo good. Next time around we will make a stop here and then headed over to to try Boulted Bread.


The low down on the treats:

The peanut butter cookie was  lightly sweet and well balanced with a salted peanut flavor. It did not stand a chance, my husband and I devoured it before we got back to the car.


The sourdough loaf had a robust savory yeast flavor, hard shell, crackled mildly ashy bottom with a satisfyingly dense chewy moist and pliable center.

Pretty much all you can ask for in a sourdough loaf, hats off y’all.


I wanted to note that all of the gorgeously delicious photos were taken by Leah Tribbett our amazingly talented documentarian. We are thrilled to have her out on the road joining us on this journey. I hope you all get a chance to stop at these two places next time you hit the road and in the mean time…

I must bid you fair well for we are back to the road.

Shine ON.


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