Meditation Reduces ADD Symptoms

Over the last year my guides have lead me to meditation as a holistic way I could continue growing on my journey with ADD. It may seem crazy for a person who is easily distracted to even attempt meditating. I have tried at various times in my life and have failed.

Yet this time around I want it deeply, checking my excuses as to why I can’t meditate at the door. This time around I am devoted to the process.

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Needless to say yesterday I watched Dr. Sara Gottfried speak on the power of meditation on Wanderlust’s site (which btw I recommend you watch here).

There was a moment around 18 minutes into her speech that she said ADD symptoms could be greatly reduced  by meditation. The ideal that meditation can help reduce ADD symptoms was the greatest selling point for me as I write you today.

Your invited you to watch the video below from Mind Body Green and consider meditation as a way to garner more peace, clarity, and focus in your life.

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