5 Proven Ways To Lose Weight

About four years ago I met an amazing women named Melissa who is the creator behind the amazing wellness blog – Real Nutritious Living.

Needless to say that day in Whole Foods we hit it off over vegan sweet potatoes and sweet pumpkin drink that she made in her Vitamix and the rest is history.

Today I wanted to re-post her most recent blog post for you to enjoy on your wellness journey.

5 Proven Ways To Lose Weight

1. Make your plate as colorful as possible

By filling your plate with half fruits and veggies (aka color) you’ll be well nourished from the fiber, vitamins, minerals and disease fighting phytochemicals, which will prevent illness, keep digestion on track and  your energy up. This is one of the easiest ways to watch your portions.

2. Eat the rainbow first 

You don’t have to deny yourself a homemade roll or a slice of pie here and there…just make sure vegetables are the main part of your meal AND eat them first. That way, you will fill up on healthy, nutritious, and low-calorie foods before you splurge. This will ensure there’s less room for the treats.

If all else fails take these greens caps to keep your system running on all cylinders and aid in digestion.

3. Just add water

Soda water that is. It’s hard to avoid the holidays without partaking in a celebratory libation here and there. Many specially drinks weigh in at 500-600 calories a pop! Whenever possible skip the sugary mixers and opt for soda water with a couple wedges of alkalizing lemon or lime.  Always have a glass of water per cocktail and try to limit yourself to 2 cocktails drank only after a meal or snack containing some healthy fat and protein. Never drink on an empty stomach. It starts a nasty carb craving cycle and you’ll likely end up munching.

If you’re not into soda water check out my kombucha kocktail recipe HERE

4. Start each day with breakfast 

When we skip breakfast, the body increases production of stress hormones and starts to break down muscle (not fat – muscle!) to use for energy. It’s a very stressful situation for the body and wreaks havoc on blood sugar balance for the rest of the day. Breakfast should be consumed within 60 minutes of waking and it should be balanced including protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Try this seasonal smoothie

5. Make your movement festive 

The holidays are supposed to be fun so get out of the gym and melt some stress (and fat) with friends or family by skating, playing a game of touch football,  take a hike with your bestie or consider a 5k for charity.  Did you know ice skating burns 420 calories per hour? Who said you have to be inside a gym to make your workout count?

To find more amazing posts and recipes head over to http://rnlblog.com/

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